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All about Teething & Teething Products

Zen Mamas Teething Jewelry & Teething

We specialize in safe, fashionable and affordable teething jewelry for your baby's pain relief.  Why do you need teething jewelry? Keep reading!

The average baby starts teething around 4-7 months. However, some babies will teeth as early as 2 months or as late as their 1st birthday!

Babies will generally erupt their first bottom incisors, then the top two incisors and the other teeth will follow suit. 

Teething babies exhibit many symptoms such as: drooling, irritability, swollen gums, biting EVERYTHING and more!

That's why babies love Zen Mamas' teething jewelry. Babies love to chew on the different shapes and colors and they love the convenient location of chewable jewelry around your neck or wrist.

Zen Mamas is fashionable, so you can find different designs that accent your outfit without looking like you have a teether toy around your neck! 

With babies playing with our jewelry anyways, why not make it safe, fun and functional?
Nursing babies will also have something to play with, it helps keeps their attention on the task at hand instead of looking around. BONUS!

Our jewelry is made of food grade silicone (the same silicone used to make pacifiers). For more information, please see our SAFETY/USAGE page. 

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