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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are they safe?

Yes! Zen Mamas is to only be worn by Mama (unless specifically designed for older children- listing will specify). Children are therefore always supervised when chewing and playing with the necklace. Read the SAFETY/CARE page for more information.

The products used to make our jewelry are:
- Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone (like a pacifier)
- 100% Non-toxic
- BPA Free
- Lead Free
- PVC Free
- Mercury Free
- Phthalates Free
- Cadmiumn Free
- FDA Approved
- LFGB Approved
- SGS Approved
- Non-stick
- Odourless
- Eco-friendly

2. How do I clean my jewelry?

Very simple, hand wash with a mild soap and water and lay flat to dry. Check out our SAFETY/CARE page for more information.

3. Why don't the beads go all the way up?

"Firstly, I've worn a necklace that had silicone beads all the way around and it pulled my hair- OUCH! It also collected sweat against my skin more than the beads at the bottom of the necklace.  Secondly, silicone beads are light on their own, but when added to a necklace with multiple beads it can get pretty heavy. For comfort I have limited the number of beads. Last but not least, I love the simple look of the beads at the bottom, the baby only plays with the bottom anyway! It not only showcases what the baby should be chewing on, but saves cost of producing the necklace by not having to place more beads on the necklace. Hope that answers your question :)" - Ashley

4. Can I wear them in the ocean/pool/shower?

"Yes! They would look awesome with a bikini!
Be careful though with the salt from the ocean or chlorine from the pool and just rinse with fresh water when you get out. Baby might not like the salty taste or chlorine- I wouldn't either yuk. Side note: repeat exposure to either salt or chlorine may reduce the longevity of our product." - Ashley

5. I love your design, just not the color, can I change it?

Email us at ! Custom necklaces are available, there may be a small fee and processing time may vary depending if we have certain beads in stock.

6. Where is your jewelry made?

Our jewelry is made in Canada with supplies manufactured in China.

7. When is your official launch date?

September 1st is our target date for officially launching operations. Sneak Peek and Presales are starting as early as July. Join our VIP list to ensure you get first access on August 8th!

8. When will you have new designs and colors?

Every season a new color scheme will be released for the season. There will be limited edition colors and then there will be a permanent collection.

9. How old does my baby need to be?

As long as your baby holds up right and can grab and chew on the necklace, they are old enough! The baby is never to be with ANY teething products alone. Necklaces should always be worn by the caregiver. Our limited edition teethers, we recommend 6+ months supervised.