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Teething Bracelet Stack (Set of 3)

Teething Bracelet Stack (Set of 3)

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Have a baby that chews on your arms too? Or do you need a portable teether? A toy to distract your little one if you don't have one on hand? These versatile bracelets are teethers too and compliment our Zen Mamas Necklaces perfectly.
Add some cute arm candy to go alongside your adorable baby. 

Bangle Uses:

TEETHER TOY: Whether the babies are screaming in their car seat, rolling while you're changing their diaper, these bangles are amazing at distracting them! They can even chew on them as a teether.

BREASTFEEDING: Mom's know it's hard to keep track of what side you used last nursing session, move the bangle from left to right wrist to remind you!

SWIM/BATH: These are 100% waterproof. You can use them in the tub or pool. Even big kids will love throwing these around in the water and fetching them from the bottom. One less thing to lug around! Just wear your bangle stack!

TRAVEL: Because they are worn, you will never forget them, when travelling they will be your go to for all of the reasons above. You don't need to remove them through the metal detector either! Bonus!

Geo Bangle: Outer diameter: 3" or 7.5 cm, Inner diameter: 2.5" or 6.5 cm.
Bubble Bracelet: Outer Diameter: 2.59 inches - 66 mm . This bracelet is not stretchy for the safety and security of the beads.

Stack of 3 is included in this price.

Specify in the notes which bracelets you want included in your stack!
Necklaces shown not included.

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