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Darling Pacifier Clip

Darling Pacifier Clip


Rose beads and crochet beads are perfect combination for any girl.  

Multi-faceted beads and crochet beads: black, light gray, lilac, lint, mint, peach, wheat, white and white marble.  

Heart beads: blush, black, gray, lilac, lint, mint, peach, wheat and white.

Rose beads: black, bright read, chartreuse green, fuchsia, glacier grey, grey, lavendar, lilac, lint, mint, serenity, sky blue, soft pink, turquoise, wheat, white, white marble.  

Round beads: see color chart and wooden beads

Spacers: black, grey, soft pink, wheat, white, and white marble.

Cord: black, grey, soft pink and white.


Personalization comments before checkout:

Color Choices:

1. Multi-faceted beads

2. Crochet beads

3. Heart beads

4. Rose beads

5. Round beads

6. Spacers

7. Cord

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